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CRDM Symposium 2022 Program pdf version (mobile-friendly)

Thursday, March 24
Time (EST)EventSpeakers
9:30am-11:00amKeynoteRe-articulating Disruption through the South - Dr. Rida Qadri
Reflections on the Decolonial Media Studies Archive as Anti-colonial Infrastructure

Session 1: What is decolonial knowledge and where can we find it? The search for perspectives and sources beyond Eurocentrism
Coloniality in media history and theory - Dr. Stephen Wiley
Embracing Diverse Ways of Being and Knowing - Maurika Smutherman
Towards a Pluriversal Diversality - Doris Wesley
If it's not online, it doesn't exist - Khawar Latif Khan
1:00pm-2:00pmLunch BreakLunch Break
2:00pm-3:30pmKeynoteTrans-hemispheric Thinking -
Dr. Chakanetsa Mavhunga

4:00pm-5:30pmPaper Session:
Ethnicities and Platformized Production
Space, Race, and Intricacies of Place in Haikyuu!! Slash Fanfiction on Archive of Our Own - Michelle Yu
Holding Back the Heavens: Mapping Borders, Drawing Grids, and Building Racialization Infrastructures in Esports - Matthew Howard
Mediascape as Infrastructure: The cross-cultural communication of "Stop Anti-Asian Hate" - Chenxing Xie
#foodie: A Comparative Analysis of How Two Latina Chefs Articulate Their Cultural Identities on Instagram - Amneris Solano
Friday, March 25
Time (EST)EventSpeakers
9:30am-11:00amKeynoteGenerous Cities - Felipe Schmidt Fonseca
Reflections on the Decolonial Media Studies Archive as Anti-colonial Infrastructure

Session 2: How do we make a decolonial archive and what do we do with it?
Does this Really Belong? Data Visualization for Decoloniality and Diversity - Grace Caraway
Exploring alternative media forms: A move towards decolonization - Manushri Pandya
Avoiding Further (Academic) Colonization - Megan Flannery
Paper Session:Backgrounds of Late Capitalism: Monetary Excess and Infrastructural Economies on YouTube - Grant Bollmer and Katherine Guinness
Out of My Hands Up Don't Shoot: Participatory Ethics in Sensory Digital Landscapes - Alex Sutter
Archive 0.333 - A Gamic Consideration of Archival Infrastructures - Travis Merchant-Knudsen
1:00pm-2:00pmLunch BreakLunch Break
2:00pm-3:30pmKeynote(Post)Colonial Coordinates of Radiant Infrastructures -
Dr. Rahul Mukherjee
Decolonizing Everyday Life:
Infrastructures for Change
Modding Coloniality: How Mods Can Challenge or Intensify the Colonial Rhetoric of Minecraft - Jack Fennimore
Armed Vision versus Player Precision: How Speedrunners Confound Tracking Media - Robyn Hope
I Love this Group, I Hate this Platform: Invitational Rhetoric in/against the Precarity of the Metaverse - Cindy Rosenfeld
Rise of the Resistance: Being a Glitch and Resisting Disney's Star Wars Overhaul - Bryce Stout



For recordings of the symposium panels, paper sessions, and keynotes, please visit the archive.