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Invited Speakers

Dr. Rida  Qadri

Rida Qadri received her PhD in Computational Urban Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her work has been published in ACM Interactions, Wired, Slate, Vice, and elsewhere, and broadly focuses on mobilities infrastructures, algorithms, and human-digital interactions. She has a forthcoming article in the International Journal of Communication entitled “Solidarity Sans Shop floor: The Technologies and Architectures of Worker Organization For Jakarta’s Platform Workers,” and her article “What’s in a Network? Infrastructures of Mutual Aid for Digital Platform Workers during Covid-19” received an Honorable Mention at CSCW 2021. Her dissertation uses mobility platforms in Jakarta as a case of human-digital interaction, highlighting the local relations and practices which make the implementation of mobile platforms possible.

Dr. Chakanetsa Mavhunga

Chakanetsa Mavhunga is an Associate Professor of Science, Technology, and Society at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His work, which has been published in Social Text, History and Technology, Journal of Southern African Studies, and elsewhere, is broadly concerned with the history, theory, and practice of science, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the international context, with a focus on Africa. His latest book is entitled The Mobile Workshop: The Tsetse Fly and African Knowledge Production (MIT Press, 2018).

Felipe Schmidt Fonseca

Felipe Schmidt Fonseca is a Brazilian activist and free/open advocate turned researcher, whose work focuses on smart cities. He has previously helped to co-found and lead a number of community and networking initiatives dedicated to critical thinking (and making) in the crossroads between culture, science, technology and society, including Tropixel, MetaReciclagem, CulturaDigital.BR, Bricolabs, Rede//Labs, Lixo Eletrônico, Ciência Aberta Ubatuba, UbaLab. He is currently working at Northumbria University as a Research Fellow in the Open Design of Trusted Things (OpenDoTT) funded by an EU Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant, supported by Mozilla. 

Dr. Rahul Mukherjee

Rahul Mukherjee is the Dick Wolf Associate Professor of Television and New Media at the University of Pennsylvania. His work, which has been published in Media, Culture & Society, Journal of Visual Culture, Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, and elsewhere, deals with a variety of subjects, including database management systems, advertising cultures of mobile telephony, Bollywood thrillers, chronic toxicity related to chemical disasters (Bhopal), development discourses, and translocal documentaries. His first book is entitled Radiant Infrastructures: Media, Environment, and Cultures of Uncertainty (Duke University Press, 2020).


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